Alcatel Mobile had already established a permanent place in life of people across the MEA region – and, in doing so, entered a new era of tapping new focus markets launching great products. As Alcatel Mobile matured and VR technology loomed on the horizon, the mobile device manufacturer needed an effective, impactful & more creative approach to reach audiences & making them become customers efficiently.

Here’s how we boomed the Alcatel Mobile brand in competitive markets by providing an out of the box, creative & streamlined online & on-ground experience for customers.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Content Planning
  • Target Audience Experience
  • On-field BTL activities execution
  • Online Sale
  • Social Media Marketing & Management


Alcatel Mobile already established itself as a emerging mobile/tablet devices brand, and had aimed to tap potential target markets. when they got in touch with us, they were seeking services of a marketing and social media management company that can enable them to penetrate an already competitive marketplace at lesser costs, and maximum reach for optimum results.


Our team after extensive research, competitor analysis and market evaluation gave the way forward to Alcatel Mobile that was balanced as per their investment budget, product marketing costs yet totally workable and upto latest market trends.


We identified the complete dynamics of brand projection, product launch and sale activities to make sure that a seamless process let’s the brand sail forward. This working process allowed the distributor and the brand to focus on introducing ne products & giving retailers the support they needed, moving beyond a reliance on big budget BTL activities, heavy budgeted product launches. In a nutshell the brand gained traction, built customers, created need for its products & generated sales.

Results & Client Experience

Alcatel Mobile during it’s expansion process across the MEA region required services from not just any digital media agency, infact it had to be a complete regional back-office that had to take up a multi challenging role. To our pleasant experience, ByTheWay Digital team not just delivered what they were asked for, but they would always sit down with our local teams to help them identify true potential of each activation, be it over social media or local retail market. This intense interest and research let us take key decisions very easily and hence achieve our targets. Very satisfied indeed!

– Irfan Siddique, Sales Manager

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