Ferozsons Labs is one of the leading companies in Pakistan maintaining exclusive agreements with a number of international partners for distribution, selling and co-manufacturing of products including the Bagó Group in Argentina, BioGaia of Sweden, Biofreeze of Performance Health Inc., PanTheryx, Boston Scientific and Gilead Sciences, Inc. in the USA. They required services for giving them standout artwork for their different giveaways, also required production of certain giveaways. Further, they needed a complete redo of their website UI.

Our team got a great opportunity to deliver the best of our creative side, and delivering first time for a prestigious brand from medical industry is an absolute privillage.

  • Branding Strategy
  • BTL Activities Planning
  • Target Audience Experience
  • Giveaways sampling
  • Giveaways Production
  • Website UI Design


Ferozsons Labs having been established as a leading brand in pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan and internationally needed top notch branding strategy, that needed to amplify their reach to specific market segments. This required extensive search and innovative ideas to bring great brand experience to the customers which were established physicians. Further, they needed a simpler version of their website UI, to make users go around easily, and they had few backend limitations that did not allow them to really redo things freely.


They branding dynamics of medicine and pharmaceutical industry are totally different from other commercial industries. Pharmaceuticals are not allowed to promote useage of medicines and encourage common public to have a dependency on their products. Also, the primary customer of medicines is the physician and doctor community and not the common man, hence the message in any branding activity has to be very professional, and well thought. These parameters kept us extremely agile with our research radar active from start to end of all tasks.


The complete project scope got split into milestones to make it easy for both the client, and the team to identify the dynamics. First step was to understand the audience mindset, and then come up with the branding strategy involving conceptualization, sampling of giveaways, getting samples approved and taking everything into production. Parallel to it the website launch had a cutthroat deadline, hence the UI had to be delivered. After getting the wireframe, and blueprints approved things were paced up from creative team to deliver on time. Overall as challenging this project as, our team thoroughly enjoyed every part of it.

Results & Client Experience

As much as we were nervous while outsourcing these pivotal projects to Abdullah and his team, it has been a great experience. I still remember the day I asked them for giveaway production 2 days before the agreed deadline, because one of my sale rep had an urgent flight and needed to carry the giveaways with him. To my pleasant surprise they delivered the entire production at mid-day to our head office, got quality check done and marked the project as delivered.

– Usman A Khan, Head of International Marketing & Sales

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