Shehzad Malik Manzoor is a fitness trainer who has taken his passion as a profession. He is renowned fitness trainer who has been shaping people’s lives up from more than 5 years. 2 years back, Shehzad came to us in peculiar situation where his social media handler had left and now he wanted us to make his social media look more eye-catching.

  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Videography
  • Copywriting
  • Graphics
  • Animation


With so many fitness trainers around town we had to create a unique identity for Shehzad as he also wanted us to make him stand out of the crowd to attract more fitness lovers. We understood Shehzad’s situation and gave him quick and creative solutions to create a niche for Fitness with Shehzad.


The major crust of every social media post we did was the creative part, since it requires the true reflection of the person and that’s what catches the eye of an audience. In addition to that, a lot of input from the client side was needed, as we had to make the posts more relatable and success driven once they were posted. This major step always used to be an enjoyable, yet a very important aspect for us to handle in a more organic and systematic manner.


After receiving a go ahead on the approved Social Media Strategy our team has to complete every creative design graphically, as well as copywriting, which required research in very little time to make sure the posts’ direction is informative, heavily creative and eye-catching for maximum engagement on the post. The aesthetically pleasing fitness videos and posts were designed with a plethora of ideas that bring out the best reflection in front of the audience, making them want for more, hence turning the audience outreach and engagement extremely high. We believe that if the research on social media strategy and creative graphical representation is done exceptionally, there is absolutely no doubt about the audience growth on a social media profile.

Results & Client Experience

“I am highly satisfied with how ByTheWay Digital works and I recommend them as a Creative Design and Digital Media Agency. The whole team is very cooperative, creative and dedicated about any task in hand.”

– Shehzad Malik Manzoor

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