Hino Pakistan are a leading manufacturer of HT Vehicles in the region, and have been holding up a large part of market share in this industry. At the time they launched this new commercial bus, Pakistan commercial bus market had a new trend of importing reconditioned buses or otherwise the large commercial express bus service providers were working directly with foreign manufacturers for first hand buses. Hino launched this new bus, Kazay – an ahead of its time bus that had all features as of an aircraft, except that Kazay runs on the road.

Here’s how we took it to the skies while staying on the road with Hino’s Kazay!

  • Digital Strategy
  • Content Planning
  • Target Audience Experience
  • Creative
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Marketing & Management


There was a complete mindset of luxury available in reconditioned or imported buses only, and this mindset has to be changed hence it became the biggest challenge for Hino. Our strategy experts and content team were put to the test, and the great strategy we made addressed every factor bullseye!


The late hours of research our team put behind this project gave us a complete idea on how bus operators were charging infact over charging their passengers at the name of luxury while Hino’s Kazay is actually full of great comfort and luxury. The added plus was that being a local assembled bus, it was fully geared up to take comfort to a next level for it’s passengers.


Crisp layouts were the first preference, and the client required us to make them media walls that could be setup in the launch event creating a complete ambiance of being in a luxury bus traveling on a motorway. For this, our CEO Abdullah took the DSLR equipment in his hands and went out to do principal photography on Lahore Islamabad motorway on a cold winter morning. The complete campaign was kept in mind while doing this shoot, hence once images came to our design studio, things were very realistic, original and as per client needs. We added the zest to make things taking off, full of high energy and at lightening speed. Hence a great campaign delivered!

Results & Client Experience

Bringing life to our master-beast of express buses was definitely a huge challenge and these guys delivered it brilliantly. Received great feedback from our stakeholders in the opening presentation, then from the market holders and ever from our competition. All credit to this team. Thank you!

– Nasreen Bokutz, Product Manager

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