Manara (star), started it’s journey 2 years back and reached out to us through another valued customer. we love referrals and thoroughly welcomed them too. Manara always looked at us to handle everything on urgent basis, and we have obliged them everytime with lot’s of great work, love and smiles.

Here’s how we added love to the great ideas of Manara.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Creative
  • Social Media Marketing & Management


With their maiden collection made, logo designed and a big ambition to grow into a big fashion brand Manara came to us seeking our contribution to help it reach the level of success it is at today. The core team was very particular about everything, literally everything but our team is totally aware of how a new brand owner feels especially at the start. And yes, these guys are always in a hurry and deadlines are of yesterday!


The major part of every Manara campaign is the creative part, since it involves lot’s of input from client side while we have to make it viable and success driven once published. This major step always used to be totally enjoyable yet very important for us to handle in a seamless manner.


After receiving a go ahead on the approved brand strategy our team has to complete top notch research in very little time to make sure the campaign direction is unique, heavily creative and a must success. The out of the box mood board is always full of lavish ideas that bring best of the product infront of the customer, hence making them pre-book most outfits hence turning the collection a sold out. Our understanding is that if the research on brand strategy and creative mood board is done really well, there is absolutely no question about the campaign success.

Results & Client Experience

Lot’s of creative battles, brainstorming of many concepts and long discussions on brand success is a usual practice with these guys. The end result, it is always fantastic. They love to help us learn as a brand, and the turnaround time is their biggest plus! Definitely recommended.

– Sana Gul, Brand Manager

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